Health/Genetic Warranty


Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. If your new puppy should die within 72 hours after you take him home, we will give you a full refund if it is based on the health of the puppy, not including any accidents.
If your puppy should die within the first year of life from a genetic based reason, you are required to provide written documentation by your DVM to my DVM (Dr. Lyle Mattson), stating the genetic condition. In professional agreement, a replacement puppy of your choice will be provided OR the full purchase price of puppy (not including shipping costs) will be issued within six months of incident. If this puppy is found to be in ill health within one year of the date of sale, upon receiving written documentation from your DVM. We will take back the puppy and refund you 100% of the purchase price; however, you will not get a refund and also get to keep the puppy. Under no situation will we pay for any vet bills you incur. These are to be paid at your discretion and the professionalism and ethics of your DVM. This puppy must be seen within five business days for this warranty to be applied. Within your puppy packet, there will be a complete health record and a Vet Certificate of Health for your DVM to review. We give no refund if your puppy eats any hazardous plants, food, objects, medicine, poisons, gets hit by any vehicle, or runs away. If you are purchasing an Australian Shepherd or Aussiedoodle, it is your complete responsibility to ensure that your puppy does not consume or get an injection containing Ivermectin of any amount- which is a de-wormer harmful to the (Australian) American Shepherd breed and may be harmful to to Aussiedoodle, as well.

This warranty does not cover any worms or parasites, as worms are very common and your puppy has been heavily de-wormed to keep them under control. We give no guarantee on coat color or quality, as coats may, or may not change as the puppy matures. We do not cover potential problems associated with under-bites or overbites, as we cannot predict growth. If your puppy has an under-bite or overbite, your puppy will be offered at a reduced price, and you accept to buy the puppy knowing this at time of sale. It is understood that some bites can become worse or improve with maturity. We do not cover surgery related to umbilical hernias, if your puppy should have one of any problems associated with one. The buyer must agree to provide veterinary care within this first year, including annual heart worm checks and preventatives and to keep vaccinations current. Failure to comply with and provide documentation of the above requirements voids this warranty. Hypoglycemic shock and death is covered within 72 hours after leaving our premises. If your puppy were to die as a result of hypoglycemic issues within 72 hours, we will refund the purchase price of the puppy, but delivery costs will not be covered. Vet bills treating this condition are not covered.

Click HERE if you would like to download and print a copy of our puppy Health/Genetic Warranty.

By Katrice

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