Bringing Your Puppy Home

Midwest Puppy Play Pen/Crate

This crate is very helpful and relieves a lot of the stress when potty training. They cannot live in here, but it’s a good, safe place to keep your puppy after playtime when you are out and about and are not sure if you’ll make it back in time to let them out. The raised floor prevents your puppy from stepping in his/her feces and keeps them clean and dry. You can put a bed in part of it, for a comfortable place to nap and hang a couple toys from the top to keep them entertained until you get back. The photo shows the floor high, just to demonstrate that it is adjustable. I also love how the very top of the cage opens up so you can reach in from above. They are easy to clean with the tray below that pulls out. It can be lined with puppy pads or newspaper. We like the 1″ grid for the floor (verses the 1/2″ grid)

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By Katrice Housker

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