Bill of Sale/Genetic Warranty/Care Agreement


Click here to view and download our Puppy Health Warranty/Bill of Sale/Care Agreement.
(no need to print and fill out, we will email you a copy after we get your complete contact info and know what puppy you are getting)

Our Genetic Health Warranty basically covers genetic defects for one year. We do not pay any vet bills while in your care. If your puppy is diagnosed with something that is genetic, we give you the option of returning him/her with a refund of his full purchase price (shipping or delivery fees not included). Or you could also choose to take a replacement puppy of equal value (must be same breed and color).

We do our best to make sure every puppy goes home healthy and give them multiple de-wormings before they leave our premises.  We will not  let a litter go if we have any concerns that they are not healthy. If there is a concern, you will be contacted before the delivery day.  Puppies are also UTD on vaccinations before they go, but it is your responsibility to be sure to continue boosters and other vaccines that your veterinarian recommends for your area; to validate the Health Warranty, we ask that you see a vet for a basic puppy exam and to set up a booster plan, within seven days of bringing your puppy home.

The buyer agrees to provide veterinary care for this puppy, including annual heart worm checks and preventatives and to keep core vaccinations current (or all that a licensed veterinarian would recommend appropriate for wherever you and your puppy reside). Buyer agrees to the responsibility of caring for the puppy daily, and making sure he/she is kept groomed regularly, fed and watered on a daily basis, kept in a clean and safe environment, and is able to have daily exercise, appropriate for his/her breed and body type.

Your puppy will also come with a microchip ID implant- we ask that you agree to register it in your name soon after you get him/her home. Information on how to do that will be provided in your puppy’s folder. There is a small, one-time fee for doing so (about $25)