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Ray & Katrice
Ray & Katrice Housker

We started raising puppies in 2014, during a time when we were wanting to spend more time at home with our family and do something that we all loved. I (Katrice) was raised on a farm in Minnesota, where we consistently had all different kinds of animals. Caring for and assisting in the birthing process gave me an admiration of mothers and helped me realize the critical necessities needed for a successful pregnancies. My heart is still in love with the entire miracle of life.

My first love for dogs grew at a young age; I saved my own money to purchase a well bred Basenji from across the country.  I named her Daisy and she will forever have a place in my heart! Daisy was a hunting dog, so she was very active, but also loving and affectionate. Having this breed was different than any other dogs our family had owned and it opened my eyes to realize that each breed has very different characteristics and genetics take an important roll in the outcome of every dog. Having said that, we have also learned that socialization at a young age is also extremely important to ensure puppies realize humans should not be feared.  One of the great things about raising puppies with five children, is that they all get plenty of attention! Our puppies are handled daily and are raised in our home from when they are born, until they are ready to go to their new homes, but we do stress our customers to continue the socializing throughout the first year.

My husband Ray, grew up with several rescue animals in the home and has a deep love for both dogs and cats. His favorite breed is the Bernese Mountain Dog, but he’s a push over for all of them.

When we first started our breeding program, we raised Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles.  After some time, we learned more about Bernedoodles and purchased a female. She was one of the calmest dogs we had ever had, but also had her comical moments and she was extremely gentle and loving, which we loved. Soon after, we purchased a Bernese Mountain Dog, and absolutely loved her, too. Although each mix has something great to offer, we decided that the Bernedoodles were the right fit for us to raise and decided to downsize to one breed. Their cuddly, and loving temperaments are a joy and the stubbornness is sometimes a challenge, but they are unquestionably our favorite!

Getting good socialization at a young age can improve your puppy’s friendliness for years to come, so be secure in knowing that when you choose a puppy from us, you are getting one with a great start! Our daughter, Autumn, loves every minute being with “her” puppies and is a huge help with getting them used to young children. Our oldest daughter, Hannah, works more with the adults and helps with the grooming. William (12), Madison (11), and Nakita (9) also have important rolls in the family but they all spend time with the puppies on a daily basis, too. 

Everyone deserves to experience the most wonderful bond and friendship of a puppy and we hope to provide and match you with the puppy that is right for you and your family. Visiting the litter in our home is encouraged to help with this process. If you can’t make it to the house, we will do our best to send videos of the pups interacting with people to help you with your choice.

We have recently relocated to Wickenburg, AZ and enjoy being nicer weather, just a little over an hour from Phoenix. We do have a large following in Minnesota and work with puppy nannies who carry pups on board, so feel free to ask about transport options available across the USA. 

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoyed learning a bit about our family!

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