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  • Does my puppy come with breeding rights?  No. This puppy is sold as a companion animal- however, if we agree that the puppy you choose would be a good prospect for breeding, it is an extra $1,000.
  • How much do your puppies cost? Because our prices are subject to change upon demand, please email us for our current prices. If we quote you a price through email and our prices go up, we will honor our original price that we agreed upon.
  • What about shots? Your puppy will have his/her first set of vaccinations. We give a parvo vaccine at five weeks of age, and five way at seven weeks of age. You will need to talk to your vet and set up a booster schedule starting at about 10 weeks old.

  • Are we required to neuter our new pet?  If your pet is strictly a companion, it is recommended (but not required) that you do. Dogs seem to be very fertile and like to sneak away to find mates when they come in heat (or males seem to find them!) We do not recommend neutering your new puppy until it is at least six months old, but this is something you will want to discuss with your vet. If you don’t have a vet picked out yet, contact your friends who have dogs in your area and ask them for a recommendation.
  • Who pays for vet bills before our puppy comes home? We will cover the vet inspection fee, dew claw removal, de-worming, coccidia and giardia preventative meds, initial implant of micro chip, and vaccinations before they leave here. You are responsible for all vet bills after he/she is in your care. You will also be responsible for the registration fee of your puppy’s microchip (It is a one-time fee of about $20). You can register the microchip at www.BuddyID.com .
  • What if the puppy I choose has an under or over bite? Slight under and over bites are not uncommon, but we do try to avoid breeding dogs who have them. Even so, it still pops up in a litter once in awhile- so you will be notified if one has an under bite and receive a $50 discount OR you may choose to be first in line from her next litter.  In most cases, an under or over bite does not cause health problems and is not noticeable unless you actually take a close look into their mouth.  Our vet will examine each puppy and if a puppy has this, he will know if it is slight, severe, or something to worry about (or not). You would be given his contact info if you have any questions about it; he is great about explaining any condition and answering any questions or concerns you may have.”Slight” over- or under-bites are something that is worth noting, but also sometimes corrects themselves when the new teeth come in.
  • What if something happens to my puppy before he/she is weaned? Although we have not had any losses at this point, we know that there is always a possibility of fatalities or injuries before he/she is ready to go home. If a tragedy like this were to happen to your puppy, everyone below you on the list will have to re-choose their puppy and the list will be adjusted accordingly. If you are last in the list, you will have first choice on her next litter.
  • What if someone above me decides NOT to get their puppy? Then that puppy will be offered available to the next person in line.
  • How will we choose our puppy? I am a photographer, so I will be taking lots of photos! The pictures will be posted on our website and a notification about the new photos will be posted on Facebook.  We generally like to wait for individual photos until their eyes open at about 12-14 days old and then again at about 4 and 6 weeks .
  • Does our puppy come with a health/genetic warranty?  Yes, we do have a one-year health/genetic warranty. This covers anything genetically wrong with your puppy within the first year and you can see more about that here. If he or she is diagnosed with a genetic issue, you will have the option to return the puppy and exchange it, or receive the purchase price of your money back (and also return the puppy). You will not be able to get a refund AND keep the puppy, as well.  Under no circumstances will we cover vet bills while the puppy is in your care. We will print two copies of the Bill of Sale and Health/Genetic Warranty and sign both copies; one of which we will have you sign and give back to us at the time of delivery or pick – up.
  • What comes with our puppy? Your puppy pack will include a Houskerville Doodles tote bag, a micro chip ID,  his/her first collar, one quart of Nutrisource Puppy Food,  a toy, training treats so you can start house training right away and she/he will be freshly groomed. In your puppy folder, you will find: the One-year Health Warranty & Bill of Sale, house/crate training info, new puppy owner “must have” supply list, info on registering your puppy’s Microchip Buddy ID, the Veterinary Inspection Certificate and health record.

  • How Much Is the Deposit? $500
  • Is The Deposit Refundable? Only in special circumstances. See our deposit policy here.
  • When is the remainder amount due? At the time that your puppy is delivered or when you pick him/her up. Unless your puppy is being flown; then you will need to send full payment (including flight costs) so it arrives at least five days before scheduled flight. If we do not receive payment, we will need to reschedule the flight.
  • Do we ship or fly puppies and how would that work? Yes. Please see this page for more info.