Puppy Supply List


Here is a shopping list of the first things you will need to buy to be prepared to take your puppy home!

  1. A crate – Metal or plastic sided, the crate is going to be your number one training tool. This is the safest place for your puppy when you can’t be watching him (and it will keep your furniture, shoes, and remote controls out of harm ’s way as well!). Click here to choose the 36″ Midwest crate on amazon with two doors and no raised floor.
    But click the following link if you’d like to get one with a raised floor which can be helpful if they have accidents and keeps your puppy much cleaner in that situation: Midwest small crate with raised floor and 1″ floor grid.
  2. Puppy Play Pen—A puppy play pen is nice to have to connect to the crate, so he can have some room to exercise while you are away. Click this link to buy the one pictured. We also use these to block off certain rooms in our house. For instance, if you have a wide opening to your living room which has a rug, or is carpeted, you may want to open the pen up and block off the entrance, using more like a gate.
  3. Absorbent Puppy Pads –Click here for XL Disposable pee pads.
    We also regularly use these large washable pads. (comes in a pack of two) You can put them in a large washer machine, or pressure wash them and hang to dry. We love how they last quite a long time and are reusable.
  4. Baby gates – These gates are great tools for sectioning off your home and keeping your pup in rooms with easy to clean floors! They also enable you to keep track of her when you are cooking, cleaning or just hanging out. CLICK HERE to see a nice selection.
  5. Paper towels – Lots of them! Accidents do happen!
  6. Pet Stain and odor remover – See number 3! Nature’s Miracle is a very popular choice, but there are many different brands on the market today. You’ll find that pet-specific cleaning products come in handy long after your new puppy is housebroken.
  7. A supply of her current food Even if you are planning on switching his diet (which many people do), please do this slowly! There are so many changes going on in your new puppy’s life right now. Drastically changing his diet can cause stomach upset that is easily preventable. We have tried several different foods and our Bernedoodles are doing well with Diamond Naturals Salmon & Potato kibble. Click here to order on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uvCgMD . You can also find this at your local Tractor Supply store.
  8.    Food and Water Bowls – Pretty self-explanatory, but a weighted water dish often comes in handy with puppies who like to frolic in their water. We always use stainless steel dishes: https://amzn.to/3I0PxzS
  9. Plastic bags – Start collecting these in advance when you make trips to the grocery store! You’re going to have lots of puppy poop to pick up (so don’t feel guilty about choosing plastic over paper).
  10. Our puppies love these Crinkle toys! They provide hours of fun and usually last quite awhile. https://amzn.to/48gVW4w
  11.  Collar & tags – Make sure you have tags as SOON as your new puppy comes home, as we don’t want to risk even a moment of her being without some form of identification! We will send with his/her own first collar & leash, so you will have one set on hand. Please remember to remove the collar when your pup is in her crate- it is a choking risk to leave it on. We do microchip each puppy before they leave, but you will also want to register that chip with your information ASAP. All info on how to do that will be in your puppy’s go-home folder.
  12. If you are driving and unable to hold your puppy on your way home OR if you are flying, and need a carrier for the airplane, this carrier should work well! Just make sure to check dimensions allowed for the specific airline that you choose. This one should work for most of them and includes a travel-water bowl. https://amzn.to/3OFBuDB
  13.    Contacts of a reputable trainer & dog walker – Your little one is going to need plenty of attention and potty breaks to keep him happy and well socialized! Good trainers are in demand; contacting them early is the best way to secure a spot for your little prodigal pooch!
  14. This ear cleaner! Doodles are prone to ear infections, so this has been a great product for us and saves a trip to the vet! https://www.revivalanimal.com/product/vet-basics-chlorconazole-ear-flush?sku=65821-740

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