*The dogs shown in the above slideshow were bred by us (Houskerville Doodles). ***Please do not use any of these pictures***

****Upcoming Bernedoodle Litters SUMMER 2024****

Glory x Cowboy – F1b Mini/Petite Bernedoodles
*Pregnancy confirmed*
*Phantom, Merle, and/or Tri Colors are expected
FIRST CHOICE: Dawn McGovern, Gold Canyon, AZ
SECOND CHOICE: Joel Daccord, Middeton, MA

THIRD CHOICE: Available to reserve

PLEASE NOTE: All puppies shown on this page are of PAST litters for reference only and are not available.

Please check the drop-down menu and click on “Current Litters” to see available pups when they are born!

*F1B Mini-Med. Size (35-50lbs ) pups will be from Lady & Liberty

*F1B Petite-Mini puppies (25-35lbs) will be from Belle, Anna, Raina, Duchess, Glory, or Sophie

*F1 Mini or Med. Bernedoodles (40-65lbs) are from Nala

****PLEASE NOTE! All anticipated sizes can still vary with each puppy since there are large Bernese Mountain Dogs in the genetics, as well as small Poodles. For this reason, we do not guarantee size. Diet and exercise can also have a big effect on your dog’s weight and health. Make sure to study the body condition score article (link below) to be sure to keep your dog in the healthiest condition.

We accept Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal for deposit ($500). Venmo or Zelle is preferred. Please use one of the following links:

Photos above: Older puppies from Rose & Blue Granite

Raina is an amazingly sweet girl. She is a dream to groom and has lovely F1B Petite Bernedoodles averaging about 30lbs.

Raina and Blue Granite’s previous puppies are pictured below. (all now in forever homes)

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Raina was tested clear for all of the diseases above

Anna is a little more quiet, compared to her sisters, but still likes her pets and is a very sweet girl! She stands perfectly to groom for bathing and clipping. See photos of her previous F1B Petite Size Bernedoodle puppies below:

Anna was tested clear for all the diseases above.

Duchess is one of our newer Poodle females. She is super affectionate and seems to love everyone. She is our smallest female and has F1b Petite Bernedoodles with Cowboy. Photos of their puppies pictured below:


Sophie is one of our beautiful Poodle girls. She has a very elegant look to her and is a bit taller than her sister, Duchess. Some of Duchess and Cowboy’s F1b Petite Bernedoodles puppies are pictured below:


Belle is an F1 Mini Bernedoodle. She has had one litter with Montgomery of F1B Bernedoodle puppies in the 30-40lb range. Belle will have mostly tri and blue merle colored puppies, but she can also produce red or apricot coloring. She has a lot of the Bernese temperament, loves to hang out and watch what’s going on around the house and is very calm, gentle, loving, and affectionate.

Belle was tested for the following diseases and tested clear on all:
DM – Clear
DM (Bernese Mounta Dog Type) – Clear
GM2 G (Poodle Type)-Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy w/ Seizures – Clear
Osteochondrodysplasia – Clear
PRA – Clear
vWD – Clear

Belle & Monte’s previous litter together is pictured below:

Lady is one of our newest girls. She is very happy and friendly to all. She is a medium size, at 54lbs. She will be bred to Prince for F1B Mini Bernedoodles, estimated to be in the 25-40lb range.

Congenital Methemoglobinemia – Clear
DM – Carrier (one copy) puppies are fine when bred to clear sire
DM (Bernese Mounta Dog Type) – Clear
GM2 G (Poodle Type)-Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy w/ Seizures – Clear
Osteochondrodysplasia – Clear
PRA – Clear
vWD – Clear

Pictured below are some of her previous puppies (ALL IN FOREVER HOMES)


Liberty (pictured below)

Liberty’s puppies will be a medium size, averaging 40-55lbs.

Hyperuricosuria – Clear
PRA-prcd – Clear
DM – Clear
von Willebrand’s Disease Type l – Clear

Liberty is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart, who really has a lot of the Bernese temperament. She sits so nicely to be groomed and is very patient and calm. Her puppies will be F1B’s, therefore, have minimal shedding, where as with the F1’s, you will see some. She will be bred to Prince and puppies are estimated to be about 30-45lbs full grown.

Liberty’s previous puppies (pictured below)

  AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs who will have F1 Bernedoodles:

*Please note: we reserve the right of Breeder’s choice on all litters


*Please know that we do not often have F1 Litters and they are much harder to get pregnant, so please expect a 1 year wait.

Previous F1 Bernedoodles we have raised: