*The dogs shown in the above slideshow were born and raised by us (Houskerville Doodles). ***Please do not use any of these pictures without our permission***

Waiting List for Belle’s Litter:
Spring/ Summer 2021) This list will include litters from Liberty, Rose, Belle, and Cher.

  1. Cassie James (DR) – Belle
  2. Liz Korby (DR) *passed on petite – Belle
  3. Kelsey Peters (DR) – Belle
  4. C. Vogel & A. Franco (DR) – Belle (2nd puppy)

*Petite puppies will be from Anna or Raina

  1. Current Pricing:
  2. Merles: 3,800
  3. Tri & Phantom (black & tan), or apricot colors: 3,600
  4. Black & White or Apricot colored puppies: 3,000 (Cher’s litter only)
  5. *MN residence will be subject to 6.875% sales tax

We accept Venmo or PayPal for deposit. (Venmo preferred) Please use one of the following links:


“Rose” is a taller moyen (medium) size poodle (45lbs) who has an awesome temperament. We plan to repeat her last breeding with “Blue Granite” (F1 Mini Bernedoodle/28lbs). Together, they produce F1B mini to medium sized Bernedoodles in the 30-50lb range.

See more pictures of their offspring below:

Cher and Blue Granite will be paired for F1B Mini-med. size Bernedoodles.

Cher produces blue merle and black & white puppies with Granite. All with a nice amount of white on face & paws and some with spotting in the body. Estimated weight will be about 25-40lbs.

Cher is a super sweet purebred Poodle who we just recently added to our program. She has bursts of energy, but also affectionate, and calms down quickly. She stands 19″ at the shoulders and is much smaller than she looks in photos! This girl will be bred to Blue Granite, who is short and stocky, so we think they will even each-other out, nicely. Together, they will have F1B Mini Bernedoodles. Read more about the sire on our “Sires” page!

Health Testing (Paw Print Genetics)
DM – Clear
GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) – Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures – Clear
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration – Clear
Von Willebrand Disease 1 – Clear
Coat: Full Furnishings (F/F)

Cher & Granite’s previous puppies pictured above
(all now in forever homes)

Raina and Blue Granite’s previous puppies are pictured below. (all now in forever homes)

Raina is a nice small size, at 24lbs! She is an AKC Large Mini Poodle. Her mother is a moyen size poodle, and sire large mini, but she is taking more after her sire in size. She is a dream to groom and very sweet. Lovely, calm temperament on this girl, with occasional bursts of energy!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Raina was tested clear for all of the diseases above

Annika (aka Anna) is a little more quiet, compared to her two sisters, but still likes her pets and is a very sweet girl! She stands perfectly to groom for bathing and clipping. This girl is 25lbs. See photos of her previous puppies below:

Anna was tested clear for all the diseases above.


Belle is an F1 Mini Bernedoodle. We plan to pair her with Montegomery for F1B Bernedoodle puppies in the 30-40lb range. She should have 37.5% tri, 37.5% blue merle, and 25% apricot colored puppies. She has a lot of the Bernese temperament, loves to hang out and watch what’s going on around the house and is gentle and loving.
Belle was tested for the following diseases and tested clear on all:

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Lady is one of our newest girls. She is very happy and friendly to all. She will be bred to Mozart for F1B Med. Size Bernedoodles in the 30-60lb range. We are so excited about their first litter, possibly in the fall of 2021!


Liberty (pictured below)

Liberty’s puppies will be a medium size, averaging 35-55lbs.

Hyperuricosuria – Clear
PRA-prcd – Clear
DM – *carrier (one copy) Puppies will not be affected when bred to clear
von Willebrand’s Disease Type l – Clear

Liberty is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart, who really has a lot of the Bernese temperament. She sits so nicely to be groomed and is very patient and calm. Her puppies will be F1B’s, therefore, have minimal shedding, where as with the F1’s, you will see some.

UPDATE: See our “Current Litters” page to see Liberty and Mozart’s puppies!

Liberty’s previous litter (pictured below)
Please note: coloring in her next litter will all be tri and black & tan.


 AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs who will have F1 Bernedoodles:

*Please note: we reserve the right of Breeder’s choice on all F1 litters

Missy is loving, gentle girl, who loves attention from all! 


She has been DNA Health tested for the following diseases:

Hyperuricosuria – Clear
DM – *Carrier (one copy) Puppies will not be affected when bred to clear
von Willebrand’s Disease Type l – Clear
PennHIP x-ray evaluation GOOD

Nala – maturing female

After we have a confirmed pregnancy from one of these girls, we will open up our F1 Bernedoodle list.

F1 Mini-Med. Size Bernedoodle Waitlist

Breeder’s Choice
Breeder’s Choice
Breeder’s Choice
Jan Guggenheimer (also on F1B List)
Nathan Boyer (DR) *Also on F1B Mini list

*Please know that we do not often have F1 Litters and they are much harder to get pregnant, so please expect a 1-2 year wait if you are on this list.

Previous F1 Bernedoodles we have raised: