Katie’s F1B Goldendoodles

Katie and Montgomery had a colorful litter of F1B large-mini Goldendoodles. Expected maturity weight of these puppies is 25-35lbs.

Born on Feb. 15th and ready to go home on April 12th

  1. Katie Pickett (DR)
  2. Lisa Dunkley (5DR)- also on F1B Petite Bernedoodle list
  3. Katie Ohlund (DR) *Also on Aussiedoodle list
  4. Micheal Fischer (2DR) * Also on F1B Petite Bernedoodle list
  5. Kelly Marr (DR) *Second puppy
  6. Nic Stang (DR) *Second puppy
  7. Angela Summers (DR)
  8. Dechen Wangmo (DR)
  9. Elizabeth Petrie-Smith (DC)
    *Videos and more pictures of the puppies will be posted here when they turn six weeks old. Each deposit holder will be contacted for the selection process after the videos are posted.

A Ground delivery routed from Lancaster, MN to Alexandria, MN is being planned for Monday, April 12th. Please let us know at the time of selection, if you’d like your puppy included in this trip. A flat rate of $50 will be charged for each puppy going. Otherwise, we can schedule to meet at a public location in Lancaster, MN on another date.

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