Puppy Prices

Please email us for a current price list. Thank you!

*Please note: We are required to charge sales tax to MN residence.


$50 off if a puppy has a slight under or over-bite
$100 off if a puppy has a slight umbilical hernia (more if more severe, but we have yet to have a puppy with one that require surgery)
*Sorry, we no longer give a second-puppy discount.

About the Estimated size:

We give our best estimate, but we do not guarantee size or color, as sometimes there will be a puppy that surprises us.

Deposit Policy:

Because of the vast amount of inquiries we receive (some serious, some just “looking”), we require a non-refundable deposit ($500 for Bernedoodle and Poodles, and $200 for Goldendoodles & Aussiedoodles) to reserve a puppy and/or to be on a waiting list for a future litter. Customers will be able to choose their puppies in the order of which the deposits were received. The deposit money will be applied to the original puppy price. The remaining balance will be due at the time of delivery or pick up. If your puppy is flying out, the total amount due and shipping fee must be received seven business days prior to flight.

If a deposit is placed for a planned litter or before a pregnancy is confirmed, please know that there is always a possibility of the pregnancy not taking place. We do put forth our very best efforts to keep our dogs healthy and they are usually quite fertile animals. However, occasionally we will have a bitch not “take”.  If this happens, we will automatically transfer you to their next litter. Most of our females have a 5-9 month heat cycle. We plan on retiring our dogs at bout 5-6 years of age.

Please note: With each deposit, we are willing to place customers on a maximum of two reserve lists at a time. We ask that you decide which litter you want a puppy from by the time the first litter turns four weeks of age.

If a customer is set on having a puppy from one specific female and she does not have a litter within 18 months of the date the deposit was placed, we will offer a refund of the deposit amount.

Deposits are TRANSFERABLE, but will expire 18 months after it is placed. In other words, if you have placed a deposit and pass up a puppy offered to you from the litter(s) you had chosen to be on, you can transfer your deposit to a different litter, but you must choose a puppy within 18 months. After 18 months, the deposit is no longer good and will not be refunded.