F1B Petite Bernedoodles

This page features F1B Petite Bernedoodles from Raina, Elsa, and Anna. Sorry, we are currently sold out of all puppies at this time. Please fill out our adoption application and submit a deposit to get in line for our next season! Current wait time for Bernedoodles is approx. 6-8months.


Anna’s Females (above video)
Anna’s Males (above video)

Anna’s 7 week old weights:

5lbs 12oz – Tweed (teal collar male) Alicia P.
5lbs 12oz – Cali (pink collar female) Megan Nelson
5lbs 8 oz – Gil (green collar male) MicKyla Constance
5lbs 6oz – Paris (female) STACY GILLESPIE
5lbs 4oz – Tex (tan collar male) CIHLAR FAMILY
4lbs 12oz – Lydia (lime collar female) TROM FAMILY
4lbs 10 oz – Boston (blue collar male) Pam Osborn
4lbs 0 oz – Berlin (black collar female) JILL GEORGE

Elsa’s Female F1B Petite Bernedoodles

Elsa’s Males (above video)

Elsa had a beautiful litter of nine on May 12th (pictured above). Her litter will be ready to go home on July 7th, 2020 (Scroll down to see more three-week old puppy pictures of her litter!! (males are pictured with the blue scarf, females with the pink! one)

Elsa’s Puppies Six Week Weights:
6.6 – Hewie (green collar male)-Sarai Carrera
6.4 – Obie (orange collar male)- Matt & Sarah Holmboe
6.2 – Trip (tan collar male) Megan Danielson
5.10 – Baby (black collar female) Janet Siciliano
5.6 – Billy (blue collar male) Kevin & Julie Dorsch
5.2 – Richie (red collar male)Tina Rasmussen
5.0 – Izzy (purple collar female) Jeannine Befidi
3.6 – Pearl (pink collar female) Deanne Gandola
3.4 – Daisy (yellow collar female) Shara Julik

The individual puppies pictured above have been selected. This page will be updated as we go down through the reserve list and deposit holders make their choices within the next few days!

CHLOE/Raina’s Litter Going to: Kendra Langerud
LOIS/Raina’s Litter – Going to: Sheila Thompson
LEX/Raina’s Litter – Going to: Eric & Rachel Lom
LIONEL/Raina’s Litter- Going home to Weyetta Murray
CLARK/Raina’s Litter-Going home to Steve Jahnke


Raina’s Puppies six-week weights:
4lbs 6oz – Lana (yellow collar) BREEDER HOLD
4lbs 4oz – Clark (lime collar)
4lbs 4oz- Lex (teal collar)
4lbs 2oz – Lionel (Tan collar)
3lbs 10oz – Lois (purple collar)
3lbs 6oz – Chloe (pink collar)

Raina had a lovely litter of six F1B Petite Bernedoodles on May 6th, 2020. (Individual pictures above, and scroll down for a slide show to view more) The go-home date for this litter will be July 1st, 2020. There are four merles and two tri’s. There are three males and three females. *See new six week old pictures in slide show below.


Anna (aka Annika) had a sweet litter of eight F1B Petite Bernedoodles on May 18th, 2020 (Pictured above). Her puppies will be ready to go on July 12th.*Anna’s three-week old puppy pictures will be taken the week of June 8th. ————Awaiting vet-check————-

THESE LITTERS ARE SOLD OUT, but please see our “Planned Litters” tab if you’re interested in getting on our Fall/Winter list.


Please see more info on the parents on our “Planned Litters” and “Sires” page.

Elsa’s litter of nine F1B Petite Bernedoodles are pictured below! These were taken at three weeks old. (blue scarf indicates male puppies, pink plaid for female puppies)


Anna’s Litter of eight are pictured below.


Individual Pictures above: Females (top row) and males (bottom row)

Anna & Granite


Newborn pictures of Raina (above photos)

Newborn pictures of Anna’s Puppies (above slideshow)