F1 Mini Aussiedoodles (sold out)

The puppies above have been selected. We will update this page as people make their decisions. If you are next on the list, you will be contacted soon!

Males are shown in the beginning half of this video, females towards the end.

Six Week Weights:

5lbs 0oz – Pheobe (red tri female/black collar)
4lbs 12oz – Joey (black white male/tan collar)
4lbs 4oz – Monica (blue merle female/pink collar)
4lbs 0oz – Chandler (red tri male/gray collar)
3lbs 12oz – Ross (blue merle male/blue collar)
3lbs 4oz – Gunther (black & white male/green collar)
3lbs 4oz – Frank (black tri male/red collar)

The Five Males (two days old)
The Two Females (two days old)

This litter is sold out.
Please contact us if you’d like to be on a standby/call list if any of the deposit holders back out!


Ava has produced amazing puppies for us, with minimal shedding and a nice, small size.  This will be her last litter, as she will be retiring in June, 2020.
Hyperuricosuria -Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy – Clear

Go home date will be July 1st, 2020.

*See our “Sires” page to see more info on Garth!

Reserve list:

  1. Kaitlyn Cline/Mellissa Horrie (DC)
  2. Sami Katz (FB) (DR)
  3. Tika Petersen (DR)
  4. Lea Andersen (DR)
  5. Gerald Ziebol (DR) *May wait for Shanty
  6. Kristen Roden (DP) * Also on Shanty’s list
  7. Kris Boden (DR) *Also on Bernedoodle list

*Ava’s list is now closed. If a puppy becomes available in this litter, it will be offered to those on Shanty’s list.

Please fill out our adoption application and place a $200 deposit through Venmo or Paypal, if you’re interested in getting an Aussiedoodle in the fall from Shanty x Montgomery (average maturity weight will be 30lbs)

Standby list:

Heidi Brinkman