Daphne’s F1B Med-Size Goldendoodles (one left)

Taking a litter picture at seven weeks old… nearly impossible, but fun trying!
What a crew!

****Scroll down to see individual pictures of each puppy are in the slideshows below!****

Daphne had a beautiful litter of nine F1B Goldendoodles on May 5th, 2018


The will be ready to go home on June 29th, 2018

*Estimated maturity size of this litter is 30-35lbs

Reserve List:

“Simba” RESERVED by Nolan Radziej (PayPal Deposit) 6/29

“Duchess” RESERVED by Libby Claerbout (Smith) DR

“Nala”- yellow c. female – Reserved by Howard S.
Dodger – Reserved by R. Marble
“Stitch” Green Collar male (very curly) RESERVED by Kayla Quebral 
“Nemo”-RESERVED by Sami Meyman
“Anna” – Reserved by Vanessa Slivken
“Elsa”- Purple C. Female (very curly) RESERVED Heidi Schendt (DR)
“Bolt” – Drk Blue C. Male – RESERVED by Molly and Nelson Dumalag (DR)

Six Week Weights:

Simba (lt blue) – 7lbs 6oz
Dodger (black) – 6lbs 8oz
Bolt (Blue) – 6lbs 4oz
Nemo (red) – 6lbs 2oz
Stitch (green) – 5lbs 12oz
Elsa (purple) – 5lbs 10oz
Nala (yellow) 5lbs 0 oz
Anna (tan) – 4lbs 14oz
Duchess (Teal) – 4lbs 10oz

The Four Females! Left to right: Anna, Nala, Duchess, & Elsa

FEMALES (see individual pictures in four slideshows below):

MALES (five slideshows below):

The Five Males! Left to Right: Simba, Nemo, Bolt, Dodger, & Stitch

    “Daphne” – mother to litter
“Daphne”-F1 Mini Goldendoodle- mother to litter
“Jackson James” – sire to litter