Belle’s F1b Petite Bernedoodles

These adorable F1b Petite Bernedoodle puppies are going to be nice and SMALL! Their sire is a small mini Poodle and dam is a mini F1 Bernedoodle (Scroll down to see pictures of the parents). Adult weight is estimated to be about 30lbs.

DOB: 4-10-24 Now ready to join new families!

To reserve a puppy, please fill out our adoption application and submit a $500 deposit. Deposit will go towards the purchase price.

“Daisy” – Reserved BY
“Phoenix” – Reserved by Lily Cohen
“Finn” – apricot male AVAILABLE

4. “Denver” – RESERVED
“Vegas” – tri parti male RESERVED by Jenny Scarincio, Las Vegas, NV
“Cowboy” – tri parti male AVAILABLE
“Tex” – tri male (smallest in litter) Reserved by Paul Burke

Phoenix is a tri parti female. We were going to keep her for our program, but decided now is not a good time. She is one of the calmer pups and looks like she’ll have a nice curly coat! ***RESERVED***

Finn is one of the calmer boys in his litter and also the biggest! He was the easiest pup to take photos of, as he is quite content to just quietly hang out and be the star of the show. He has a wavy coat that will get to be fuller as his adult coat comes in. This coat is more manageable than the super tight, curly coats.

Denver is a tri parti boy with a nice full, wavy coat. He has a medium temperament with a nice amount of play and cuddles! ***RESERVED***

Vegas is striking with his vibrant tan points and full, curly coat! He has a nice medium temperament with lots of personality and is ready to be loved on! ****RESERVED****

Tex has a BIG personality, but don’t let his name fool you for his size! He is the runt of the litter and has more petite bone structure, so we do expect him to continue to be pretty tiny. This boy loves people and has been a favorite for our kids. He does have quite a bit of energy, so would do well in a home with kids and/or another pup to play with. Super curly coat on this boy! ****RESERVED****

Daisy is a sweetheart and has an overall calmness about her. She also loves to play and is very affectionate. Her coat is full and wavy. This loving girl is going to Chandler, AZ!

Cowboy is quite a ham! When bath-time comes around, he gently lays down and enjoys it! We love his temperament so much and although he is small, he has a thickness about him that reminds us of the Bernese. His liver/red tri coloring is quite hard to find for the Bernedoodle. What a striking and lovely boy he is! Cowboy’s coat has the tighter poodle curl.

*Although both parents (above) are black tri in coloring, they each carry a copy of the recessive b locus (brown), therefore will produce red tri’s, as well as the black tri colors. They also each carry a copy of the e locus, and can produce apricot/tan puppies.