F1B Petite Goldendoodles

F1B Petite Goldendoodles – Sorry, litter is sold out!

Yay, we are already five weeks old! We hope to get selection done next week!

**Please keep in mind that all puppies will get curlier as they mature, but some are noted to be visually the curliest at this point.
” Bandit” – Dark Blue collar male-biggest puppy, at 5lbs 0oz at five weeks old.
“Bo”- brown collar very curly male. 3lbs 2oz at five weeks ol
“Gunner” – gray collar male. 2lbs 14oz (smallest male
“Leo”-yellow collar male. 4lbs 4oz at five weeks old.
“Loki” – Light Blue collar male. 4lbs 4oz at five weeks old.
“Paisley” – purple collar female (very curly). 4lbs 4oz at five weeks old.
“Penney” – pink collar female. 3lbs 6oz at five weeks old. May have slight under-bite, but will likely correct itself as she matures. (jaw is not set until seven months old)

*This litter is currently sold out. We plan to have another litter of F1B Petite Goldendoodles in the fall from Kianna and Garth! Colors will vary between cream, apricot, and red in the upcoming litter.

  1. Lauren Biach (also on Aussiedoodle list)
  2. Sara Donnay-  also on Autumn’s List (DC)
  3. Nic Stang (DR)
  4. E. Nordrum (second puppy)
  5. Karri Thorston (DR) Female
  6. Kelly Marr (DR) Male
  7. Jason & Cassie Nordin (DR)

*DELIVERY IS BEING PLANNED to Maple Grove, MN. We will be charging $50 per puppy needing to go on the trip. It has been decided for Aug. 2nd!

The Petite sized Goldendoodles usually range in size between 12-20lbs, at maturity.

Please note: This will be Daisy’s LAST litter, before she is retired! A lovely
couple is awaiting her to join them for her retirement. She will be missed around here!!!

Daisy & Bruno PREVIOUS Litter of Red F1B Petite Goldendoodles