Selection Update for Cher’s Litter


Since I’m getting quite a few questions about selections from our deposit holders, I thought I’d go ahead and try to put a place on our website so we can make more frequent updates on selection progress, changes, and starting dates.

So far, we have new pictures of Cher’s females and two videos of them on the F1B Mini Bernedoodle page. The videos for the males were taken today and I have not yet done any video edits to get them on the site, but I plan on staying up as late as needed. We will give everyone a day to review them before we start selection on Monday, 6/8. **Please start making a list of your top puppies!

The puppies are getting more playful now, as you will see in the videos! All of them are VERY people friendly and developing nicely.

For those picking between Rose’s litter and Cher’s litter, I will also try to get a new PHOTO shoot of Rose’s litter tomorrow so you can see how they are developing. They are too young now to see personalities, but hopefully this will help you decide between the two litters.

All other litters are doing great and also growing well. Please hang tight for updates on them, until we get Cher’s litter selection done! We’ve never had this many puppies at once, so thank you for understanding and being patient with me through this busy time.

A delivery trip for Cher’s litter will be scheduled to Roseville, MN on June 19th! For anyone who would like to be included in this trip, there will be a $25 delivery charge.

Until next time,


Of course there’s always one that’s not looking, but I couldn’t resist posting this with Lady’s adorable little expression!