F1b Petite Bernedoodles

We recently had two small litters born on the SAME DAY! So a total of eight puppies from both litters will be here on this page. “Princess Duchess” and “Raina” are the mothers and Cowboy is the sire (scroll down to see photos).

Go Home Date (on or after): 05-08-2023

These are our SMALLEST Bernedoodles! We expect them to average 30lbs.

1. Kristin V.
2. Deanne Gandola, CA (RC)
3. Available to reserve
4. Available to reserve
5. Available to reserve
6. Available to reserve
7. Available to reserve

Merles: 3,200
Tri Color (tan points with white on face) 3,000
Phantom or bi-colors: 2,500
*Pricing includes AZ sales tax

Sire: Cowboy