Raina & Anna’s F1B Petite Bernedoodles

Both Raina and Anna’s litters have had their vet check and all pups cleared with no issues! The selection process has been done, so we now know there are two available puppies on this page: Obi and Lady. Please fill out our adoption application and also send a $500 deposit(non-refundable) to reserve a puppy. If you are not approved, your deposit will be returned *Please note: Raina’s litter is one week older & they also come from a smaller litter size, so you can see they are larger in size and have fuller hair. This does not mean they will be larger full grown. Anna’s litter will catch up soon!

NEW PICTURES AND VIDEOS SHOWN BELOW! There are three separate videos; one of Raina’s five puppies, one with Anna’s tri colors, and one with Anna’s merle colors. Keep scrolling down to see a slideshow of new photos for each litter.

RAINA & ANNA with Cowboy (25-35lbs)

1. PAISLEY (Raina’s purple c.) Selected by Steve & Cheree Rule, UT (DR)

2. TEDDY (Anna’s Teal C.) – Selected by Taylor Kaminsky (DR) 6-25

3. GABBY – (Anna’s gray c. ) Micheal & Beth Fischer (DR) *Returning customer 6/18

4. OLIVIA – (Anna’s orange c.) Libby Claerbout (DR from J. Smith) *Returning customer Pick up date TBD

5. TAYA – Going home to Dolly O. (DR)

6. GUS – Going home to Jacque Boldt (DR) 6/25

7.REBA Going home to Rachael Eye (DR) 6/18

8. ROVER – Going home to Rebecca Skipper (DR) Erskine, MN 6/18

9. Erin Rasmus (DR)* Alex 6/13

10. Bella – Going home to Diane Ishaug Moderow *Second Puppy Customer (merle only) Fargo – 6/18

11. Penny-Going home to Katie Olson (DR)

12. GRACIE (Anna’s Litter) – Pending for Kristin A. (DR) 6/25
Daisy (Raina’s Litter) Reserved by Ann Weis (DR) 6/18


15. LADY (Anna’s Litter) – AVAILABLE to RESERVE!

*Please fill out our adoption application and submit a $500 deposit to reserve a puppy!
Applications will be considered in the order of when deposit is received.

Merles 3,800
Tri or Phantom: 3,500
6.788% MN Sales tax will be added for MN residence.

*Please let us know if you’d like to be included in one of these trips.

Raina’s Puppies:

*We will charge a flat rate of $50 per puppy for the ground deliveries.
Raina or Anna’s Pups:
Saturday, June 18th to Alexandria, MN & Erskine, MN
Saturday, June 25th to Alexandria, MN
Sunday, June 28th to Mesa or Wickenburg, AZ

ABOVE VIDEO: Raina’s Five Bernedoodles
ABOVE VIDEO: Anna’s Merle Colored Bernedoodles
ABOVE VIDEO: Anna’s Tri & Phantom Females

Raina & Anna are sisters and have very similar puppies, so we have combined the list so there is ONE list for the 15 puppies born.

Raina’s litter of FIVE puppies will be ready to go to their forever families on June 13, 2022

Anna’s litter is pictured below:

Anna’s Litter of ten puppies were born on 4-25-22 and will be ready to join new families on June 20th, 2022. There are eight females and two males.