F1B Mini/Med Bernedoodles (sold out)

8.8 – Thunder (teal collar) Molly Fisher
8.2- Penny (purple collar) Alison Amundson
7.12- Blaze (orange collar) Cassondra Briggs
6.14-Raina (red collar) Henock Shawul/Jen Cannon
6.4- Sunshine (yellow collar) Adeeb Adam
5.10- Knight (blue collar) Sara Plucinak (Johnson)

Rose’s Litter are getting ready for selection! See new video above!

Rose had a beautiful litter of F1 Mini/Medium Size Bernedoodles on May 15th, 2020! These puppies will be ready to go home on July 11th, 2020. (ALL SOLD OUT AT THIS TIME) *Please note: the tan points on Bernedoodles do usually lighten with age.


We will start at the top of the master list from our “Planned Litters” / Bernedoodle page, and work our way down the list, as people select (or pass) from this litter. Check back here on the website to see updates of which puppies are chosen. We will also make posts on our Facebook page throughout the day, if you want to make sure you are following that! Please note that sometimes this is a two-day process.

Cher’s Females (PART 1)

Playtime With The Girls! (PART ll)
Playtime With the Boys (PART l)
Individual Puppy Clips – MALES PART 2

We encourage all customers on the list to narrow it down to their top three puppies as people select and we get closer to you in selection. Once selection starts, we will post everyone’s decisions on our Facebook page and this page, so please check in for updates. If you are on the list, you will be contacted when it is your turn to select.

Six week old weights:

3.14 Penny (purple)
3.14 Rapunzel (red)
4.2 Stitch (lime)
4.2 Lady (gray)
4.4 Tiana (Tan)
4.10 Jasmine (yellow)
4.12 Nala (pink)
6.0 Belle (black)
3.10 Bolt (blue collar)
3.14 Hercules (hunter collar)
4.0 Woody (yellow collar)
4.2 Gus (gray collar)
4.6 Oliver (orange collar)
4.14 Tramp (teal collar)

*Three week old photo shoot in slideshow below

We welcomed this unique litter of 14 Mini Bernedoodles on April 24th, 2020. The go-home date will be June 19th, 2020. DELIVERY TO ROSEVILLE, MN AVAILABLE!

F1B Bernedoodles are known to be gentle, calm and loving, family-friendly companions. The F1B’s are also sought after for those who have more severe allergies to dander, and/or people who want minimal shedding.
*Estimated adult weight for these puppies will be approx. 25-45lbs.

***Scroll down to see more photos***

There are eight females and six males in Cher’s litter!

Our Bernedoodles are now sold out, but if you’re interested in fall/winter litters, please fill out our Adoption Application and place a $500 deposit to get your name next on the FALL/WINTER reserve list!

We accept Venmo or PayPal for deposit. (Venmo preferred) Please use one of the following links:



The mother to the above litter is named Cher. She is a super sweet purebred Poodle who we just recently added to our program. She has bursts of energy, but also affectionate, and calms down quickly. She stands 19″ at the shoulders and is much smaller than she looks in photos! This girl will be bred to Blue Granite, who is short and stocky, so we think they will even each-other out, nicely. Together, they will have F1B Mini Bernedoodles. Read more about the sire on our “Sires” page!

Health Testing (Paw Print Genetics)
DM – Clear
GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) – Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures – Clear
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration – Clear
Von Willebrand Disease 1 – Clear
Coat: Full Furnishings (F/F)

Please see more info on the sire (Blue Granite) on our “Sires” page.