Cher’s F1B Mini Bernedoodles

  1. Oscar – Dave Stamps (DR) 12/15
  2. Liam – Ashley Schwintek (DR) 12/15
  3. Tianna – Jason Isenga (DR) 12/19
  4. Lady – Ben Marsh (DR)12/19
  5. Poppy – T. Rasmussen-Richie (DR) 12/19
  6. Gunner – Jane Amble (DR) 12/15
  7. Ranger – Stephanie Hurd (DR) 12/15
  8. Daisy – Leanne Truedson (DR) 12/17
  9. Buddy – Jodi Borgen (DR)12/15
  10. Hunter – Jennifer & Mathew Knutson (DR)* 12/19
  11. Fido – Chelsea Herrig (DR) 12/19
  12. Paisley – Wendy White, ND (DR)

Black & white puppy videos will be posted Thursday!

Cher had a beautiful litter of F1B Mini Bernedoodles on Oct. 20th, 2020

*A delivery trip to Alexandria, MN is being planned for Saturday, Dec. 19th, 2020. 9:30 – 10:30 AM



Males listed below:

The go-home date for this litter is Dec. 15th

The Seven Males
The Five Females

All puppies will be offered to our deposit holders who are on our “Mini / Med Size Bernedoodle Reserve List”. There are currently puppies available at this time, but if any of our deposit holders “passes” on this litter, there may be some that become available. Please check back around Dec. 1st for an update. Visit our planned litters page to see our current lists and planned litters here: Planned Litters