Hannah’s Teddybears




Hannah and her Shichon, Juliette “Juliette”

Is a Shichon (Shi tzu x Bichon Frise) and will be bred to a mini Poodle for 3-Way Teddybears.Puppies will be 50% Miniature Poodle, 25% Shih tzu, and 25% Bichon

This breed makes wonderful family/house dogs and are a little more affordable for the average family. Juliette is owned by our daughter, Hannah, so all her puppy income will go to a savings account for her college education. She has a tremendous love for science.

Puppies due around January 25th, 2018! Go-home dates will be the end of March.

"Presley of Houskerville"

“Presley of Houskerville” is the sire to this upcoming litter (Jan. 2018)

Reserve list for winter/spring 2018:

  1. Angie Praught (deposit received)
  2. Frank Esposito (deposit received via PayPal) SPD
  3. Andrea Sandstrom (deposit received via check)
  4. Available to reserve! juliettes_Puppies-Recovered
  5. imagesDossie-12-10-17-2576

Hannah is now planning on her first litter of Corgi-Poos!
Maturing Pembroke Welsh Corgi
*She is considered a red-headed tri color

Dossi is a purebred and registered with the AKC registry. Hannah has fallen in love with the breed and decided to raise Crogi-poos. Dossi has an amazingly calm and loving personality and makes a wonderful, indoor pet. Her first litter could possibly arrive in 2018.

Dossie-12-10-17-2581 Dossie-12-10-17-2582