F1B Goldendoodles

F1B Goldendoodle 2021 Reserve List:

  1. Katie Pickett (DR)
  2. Lisa Dunkley (5DR)- also on F1B Petite Bernedoodle list
  3. Katie Ohlund (DR) *Also on Aussiedoodle list
  4. Micheal Fischer (2DR) * Also on F1B Petite Bernedoodle list
  5. Kelly Marr (DR) *Second puppy
  6. Nic Stang (DR) *Second puppy
  7. Angela Summers (DR)
    *This is a master waiting list for F1B Goldendoodles.

Katie (pictured above) is an F1 Mini Goldendoodle who is another sweetheart of ours. She has been bred to Montgomery, for F1B Goldendoodles in the 25-35lb range. Both of these dogs are very interactive, affectionate, love to fetch, go one walks, play, hunt, and cuddle, too!

*Please email us for our price-list. A deposit of $200 will go towards the purchase price.

Katie & Monte have puppies due to be born mid Feb.

UPDATE! Katie came into heat in December and will have F1B Goldendoodles by Montgomery. Puppies will be in the 20-35lb size range. Estimated colors are 50% apricot or red, 25% blue merle and 25% black/white. The go-home date from this litter is estimated to be the second week in April, 2021.
Price of these puppies is $2,500 for golden or blue merle coloring, and $2,200 for black/white puppies (this does not include MN sales tax)


Kianna (pictured above) is a super loving, and fun girl.  She loves to fetch and get attention from all! She produces excellent tempered puppies; playful, yet calm, and family friendly.