We will list our planned deliveries here on this page. If you are taking one of our puppies home this summer, please let us know if you’d like to be included in one of the trips. Please note: all deliveries to the Minneapolis area can be routed through Fargo, ND / I94 OR Hwy 59/ Hwy 10 through Detroit Lakes, MN and we can make arrangements to meet somewhere along those routes, if needed. All routes will start from our home near Lancaster, MN.

Please note: Each family will be asked to meet one-at-a-time, at an outdoor location (address will be emailed to you). The health warranty and final invoice with payment options will be emailed to you after selection and before each scheduled trip.

*There will be a $25 delivery fee for each puppy included in these trips with six or more puppies. This will go towards our mileage and our over-night stay. We normally do charge more, but since we have a higher amount of puppies this time of year, we have temporarily decreased the fee.

July 6th– to Alexandria, MN (Autumn & Elsa’s litters)
Fargo, ND 58103
1PM – BOBBY – Krissie & Luke Benson
1PM –REMMY – Joel Heilman
1PM – Daisy – Shara Julik

Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

2:15 PM – SHOTGUN – Travis Kurtz

Alexandria, MN  56308

4:00-4:30PM –
Richie – Rassmusens
Hewie – Sarai Carrera Moreno
Baby – Janet Siciliano

4:30PM – Alexandria, MN
– Angie Dusheck
Bandit – Jamie Horn
Hunter – Katie Greshowak

  • Sunday, July 12th – to Minneapolis

Motley, MN – TIME TBD
Gil- MicKyla Constance

EXIT DBD – Knight (Frankie) – Sara Johnson

Maple Grov
12:30 – Paris-Stacy Gillespie
12:40 – Tex – Steph Cihlar
12:45 – Lydia – Mellissa Trom
1:30PM – Elsa’s PEARL
1:45PM – Berlin –  Jill George, IA
2:00PM Blaze – Cassie Briggs
2:00PM Raina

Maple Grove –
3:20PM – Cali Megan Nelson