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Montgomery (aka “Monte”) is an AKC Poodle who we plan to use for F1 and F1B Bernedoodles, as well as Aussiedoodles! We’re so excited to add this fun color to our Bernedoodle puppies. He also has great conformation and a loving temperament.

F/F-Full Furnishings

“Mozart of Houskerville”
Tri Colored Moyen Size AKC Poodle

AKC Poodle (Klein/Moyen/Med. size) – 18″ at the withers and 27lbs

Motzart has an AMAZINGLY calm temperament. Super relaxed and so gentle. Besides his personality, we love how he is put together! He is from our very first litter of AKC Poodles that we have bred, and are very pleased with him. Dam is “Rose”(small standard size) and sire is “Joey” (mini size) He is majestic in his stance and knows he’s something special!


Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear through parentage
PRA-prcd DNA Results – Clear through parentage
von Willebrand’s Disease Type I: Clear through parentage

F1 Mini Bernedoodle (Blue Merle)


“Blue Granite” is a blue merle F1 Mini Bernedoodle. He has a striking blue merle coat, with lovely white markings. He is pretty small mini, at only 26lbs!  He will be bred to Rose and some of our maturing Moyen Size Poodles for F1B Mini Bernedoodles. He may have his first litter in Nov. 2019! He has passed his Prelim Hip X-ray and is clear in all the genetic testings (see below)


Houskerville’s Garth – Miniature Poodle 14.5″ tall and 18lbs


Garth is a Registered CKC Cream/Champagne colored Miniature Poodle. He is a proven sire and is Bruc. free/ Accession No. 16-3343. We love his calm temperament and loving personality. He’s been a great stud and produced many beautiful and awesome tempered puppies. We are looking for the perfect forever-home for him in the spring of 2020. Would prefer if he was nearby, so we could see him, but will consider other homes.

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
PRA-prcd DNA Results – Clear
von Willebrand’s Disease Type I: Clear

“Prince of Houskerville” – Miniature Poodle (14lbs)

von Willebrand’s Disease Type I: Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
PRAone copy/carrier (puppies will not be affected when breeding to clear female)

Prince has been an awesome stud, but we will only be using him for our program until the end of this year. He will be looking for a new forever home in April, 2020. Please inquire, if interested.
***UPDATE**** ON HOLD FOR S. King. Pending more color testing.

STANDBY: Destiny, from CA