Anna’s F1B Petite Aussiedoodles

(Males in front)

This precious litter was born on Feb. 5th, 2018
**Please scroll through the slideshows above to see individual photos of each puppy!**  Sadly, we lost one of the blue merles. There are eight healthy puppies remaining:

Buddy, Bailey, Hank, & Blue (males)
Kalli, Captola, Adrianna, & Izzy (females)

***Most of these puppies will have curlier coats because they are 25% Miniature American Shepherd (aka Australian Shepherd) and 75% Miniature Poodle. Typically, the curlier the coat, the less they will shed and vice versa. We recommend choosing an F1B if you want less shedding, or have more severe allergies to dander.

Reserve List:

  • 1st Choice: Jodi Hubner (deposit received via PayPal)
  • 2ndChoice: Michelle Hemmesch (Also on Shania’s List)
  • 3rd Choice: Susanne Uhl (deposit received via PayPal)
  • 4th Choice: Kaylee Wade – (deposit received via PayPal (also on Angel’s Litter)
  • 5th Choice: Stephanie Thompson – (deposit received via Paypal)
  • 6th Choice: Available to reserve – please email us for price list
  • 7th Choice: Available to reserve
  • 8th Choice: Available to reserve

*Customers will be able to choose their puppies in the order of when deposits were placed. The selection will be at about six weeks of age. New photos and video clips will be taken just prior to selection time.

NOTE: We will plan a delivery trip to Alexandria, MN on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 – please contact us if interested in including your puppy in this trip. If you are coming from the Minneapolis area, it would save you about 4.5 hours of drive time (one way). A $50 delivery fee will be charged for each puppy going (as long as there are at least three puppies going) 

Tails will be left natural, but some may be shorter than others. Dew claws will be removed.

See slideshow below to see pictures of Anna and Prince’s previous puppies!

“Anna” Mother to litter (18lbs)

Prince - Miniature Poodle sire (phantom color)

Prince – Miniature Poodle sire (phantom color/ 14lbs)