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We are downsizing our program and will be listing some adult dogs here. We also have some retired dogs that will be listed. They will remain with us, until we find the right homes for our beloved fur-babies. If interested, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page!

We will be looking for a great home for our lovely boy, Garth. He cannot go until springtime, unless he is going to someone around our home, as I would like to use him one more time in February or March. He’s been AWESOME. SO calm, and great with kids. We will sure miss him. He will stay here until a perfect home is found. He will be five years of age. He needs a home environment, where he is not kenneled all the time. However, he does not mind his crate in our living room! He’ll go to it on command, and is a good boy. He does mark his territory, though (like all studs do) so will need a belly-band in the house. He’s still a great stud dog, but will neuter, if going to a pet-home. CKC Registered and has been cleared for several DNA health tests. Message us, for more info on that.

Garth has not had a lot of color testing done, but when bred to Aussiedoodles, he tends to throw a lot of copper points, and white. He’s had red tris, black tri’s, blue merles, red merles, sable and black/white. He’s also thrown apricot puppies, when bred to F1 Aussiedoodles. He’s made awesome F1 Mini Bernedoodles (throwing half tri/half black/white) and performs well for Artificial Insemination. He naturally breeds good, as well. Temperaments on his puppies are exceptional, and smart.

PRA Clear

Price: $1,500 (breeding home) or $500 (pet home/neuter contract)