Adoption Application

*If you chose the last answer, please come back and finish the rest of this form when they are totally on board! The most successful adoptions are when every adult in the home is in agreement with the decision. Thank you!
*Please answer yes, even if you have a small program.
*Please leave blank, if this does not apply to you.
*Although we will try our best to estimate size to meet your preference, please understand that when crossbreeding, it is not uncommon for a puppy take after a certain parent, or grandparent .
Since our puppies are all crossed with poodles and have less shedding, their hair will continuously grow, which means they will need haircuts more often than most other dogs! Brushing every few days, and a hair cut approx. every six weeks is recommended. Doodles are also more prone to ear infections because their gorgeous, big ears can trap in moisture and encourage yeast to grow. However, this can be prevented with weekly checking and cleaning them when needed! Please see our drop down menu, under "Puppy Care" for more information.
*You may leave this blank and ask more questions later, too.
The Health Warranty and Care Agreement can be found on our website, under the FAQ tab. It will be filled out by us, after you are approved and after we know which specific puppy you will be getting. This is usually emailed to you (signed by us) approx. one week prior to delivery or pick-up day.