A Crazy Week… or should I say LIFE?


Yes, this life is a bit crazy. We live and breathe dogs and kids, and are constantly trying to keep everyone happy, clean, and healthy! Last week (and leading into this week) has been particularly challenging because of a flu bug that got to each of us (humans) in the household, which slowed this mamma down a bit. But besides that, my worst fear happened… our website was hacked and TAKEN DOWN, which has delayed our selection process with both Autumn and Delta’s litter. I am sitting here up at 4 A.M., doing a little tweaking on the site, after my husband has been on the phone several times, and chatting with a help desk for the last couple of days. I’m so grateful that he has patience for that kind of thing! I have dealt with it before, and had too much puppy-stuff going on right now to try to attempt fixing the website. He ended up having to delete a lot of files in the site, which were contaminated from the hack. So if you’ve noticed a bit of a different look from what you usually see on our site, don’t worry, it is still Katrice here!

I am heading to bed now, but hoping to start fresh with the selection process for those on Autumn and Delta’s list, when I am back up and at ’em in the morning! The puppies are getting weaned now, and I can’t believe they are almost ready to join their forever-families! I can’t imagine how anxious everyone must be to find out which ones you get to take home!!