Below is a list of our females that will be bred for Aussiedoodles!

“Ava” (26lbs) – Purebred Miniature/ToyAustralian Shepherd
Red Merle Tri with double-blue eyes

Ava is a sweet, petite, and fun little gal. Her puppies will have a nice and small maturity size of approx 20-30lbs. (slightly smaller than puppies out of Miranda)

Ava has been tested for the following diseases:
PRA – clear
Hyperuricosuria – clear
Degenerative Myelopathy – clear
MDR1 – clear

Reserve list for Ava ‘s Mini Aussiedoodle litter  SPRING OR SUMMER LITTER 2019:

  1. Dee Benjamin – Passed on Angel/Ava’s litters – (DR)
  2. Lauren Biach- DR – also on Ava/Angel lists
  3. Tayler Herold- DR – RED MERLE ONLY
  4. Lisa DePasquale (FEMALE)




Purebred Blue Merle Tri-colored Standard Australian Shepherd (50 lbs)

She is a wonderful mother and loves everyone. She also loves to herd sheep and give our nine year old upright, gentle “hugs”.

Puppies will be F1 Aussiedoodles and should mature in the 25lb-40lb range.
Please note: Although 34lbs is the average weight of what her puppies will mature to, keep in mind that because of the size difference in each parent, on occasion, there will be a puppy that will take more after one parent more than the other and may fall out of this estimated size. Typically females tend to mature smaller (some of hers have been 25lbs) Maturity size will also depend on the food each puppy is fed as he/she matures, and the amount of exercise they receive.

Miranda has been tested for the following diseases:
Hyperuricosuria – clear
Degenerative Myelopathy – clear
PRA-prcd – clear

**UPDATE!** Miranda was artificially inseminated and will be checked to see if she is pregnant around March 1st. If she is pregnant, the go-home date for this litter will be the first week in June, or last week in May.

Miranda’s Mini Aussiedoodles 2019

  1. Alexis Wagner (deposit received via check)
  2. Catherine Gubbels – deposit received via PayPal (also on Angel’s and Miranda’s list and passed on Ava’s)
  3. Lauren Biach- DR– also on Ava/Angel lists
  4. Keely Mortenson- MIRANDA
  5. Vanessa Leon (second puppy!)